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TLDR: Web3 Artist Calder Moore has joined Yuga Labs as their Lead Concept Artist, transitioning from freelance to full-time. Moore’s decision highlights the NFT world’s potential in offering stable employment avenues for artists, emphasizing the blend of art and tech.

Yuga Labs’ trajectory in the NFT space has seen exponential growth, and they’ve now added another feather to their cap. Web3 Artist Calder Moore has made a significant leap, joining Yuga Labs as their Lead Concept Artist. This move solidifies Yuga’s commitment to not only technological innovation but also to the art community.

Calder Moore, known on Twitter as @CalderMoore_, shared the exciting news with his followers, revealing his recent transition from a freelance contributor to a full-time role at Yuga Labs. His journey over the past months paints a picture many artists in the volatile NFT market can relate to.

In a transparent update, Moore expressed the challenges he faced, especially during the bearish phase of the NFT market. Like many of his contemporaries, Moore took up several freelance projects, including artworks for Dungeons and Dragons (DND) and Magic: The Gathering (MTG). While these tasks provided financial stability, they came with their own set of challenges – the intense workload and the pressure to continually raise the bar with each artwork.

Fortunately, fate had better plans for him. As Yuga Labs extended their hand, Moore found an opportunity to align his passion with a regular job, alleviating the stress of freelance work. This not only allowed him to balance his life better but also to concentrate on his personal project, ISO.

Moore’s decision to join Yuga Labs signifies the changing dynamics of the NFT world, where art, technology, and employment opportunities converge. His primary focus now is his role at Yuga while keeping ISO as a side gig for enjoyment and interaction with his community.

The immediate future looks promising as Moore mentions his ongoing efforts in website development and hints at updates for ‘Substance’ and the ‘Mythic cover Searchers’. His enthusiasm is palpable, and it’s evident that this change brings him peace of mind and joy.

In essence, Calder Moore’s journey is a testament to the potential of the NFT space in creating sustainable job opportunities for artists. It’s a beacon of hope and an indicator that the merging of art and technology is not only possible but can be fruitful.


Calder Moore: Merging Art and Innovation in the Digital Landscape

From the picturesque landscapes of BC, Canada, emerges an artist who seamlessly blends the worlds of 2D and 3D art: Calder Moore. With an impressive stint of 8 years in the animation industry and an additional 2 years in the gaming sphere, Moore’s portfolio boasts a depth of experience that few can rival.

Beyond his expertise in animation and games, Moore’s freelance journey is equally commendable. Some of the industry giants, like Google, Wizards of the Coast, and the Royal Canadian Mint, feature on his client list, accentuating his prowess in the digital art domain. Furthermore, his collaborations with a slew of indie studios showcase his versatility, proving that Moore is as adept at working on large-scale projects as he is with intimate, indie assignments.

But what truly sets Moore apart is his affinity for the fantastical. He exhibits a penchant for crafting epic Sci-Fi and Fantasy landscapes, employing a diverse range of styles and workflows. Whether it’s the shimmering skylines of distant galaxies or the rugged terrains of mythical lands, Moore’s artistry is evident in each stroke and pixel.

In his recent endeavors, Moore has shown a keen interest in pushing the boundaries of digital tools. Specifically, his experiments with the Arnold toon shaders underscore his commitment to innovation, always aiming to explore what’s next in the realm of digital artistry.

For budding artists and aficionados alike, Calder Moore stands as an inspiration. He embodies the spirit of perpetual learning, constantly pushing the envelope and venturing into uncharted territories of art and technology.


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