YouTube TV is testing significant picture quality improvements

YouTube TV is testing higher bitrate for live 1080p content to improve picture quality. The changes are aimed at devices supporting the VP9 codec with high-speed internet connections, and if successful, they will be made permanent by this summer. The majority of channels broadcast on YouTube TV are aired in 720p, so viewers don’t get the full 1080p, but some channels, such as TBS and TNT, are transmitted in 1080i and then deinterlaced to 1080p. Hulu with Live TV and DirecTV Stream offer better picture quality than YouTube TV, but the latter has invested in a superior DVR and user experience, so the difference isn’t significant enough to force existing YouTube TV customers to switch. With subscriptions now costing more than $70 per month, YouTube must improve its service to keep customers loyal. The Reddit post added that the company has fixed bugs in the YouTube TV app on Apple TV, and it is experimenting with new ways to present videos before the NFL season starts. YouTube will start streaming its NFL Sunday Ticket package for football fans willing to pay for it.

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