XDefiant needs to unbind itself from Tom Clancy to succeed

Ubisoft’s multiplayer first-person shooter game, XDefiant, is lacking in charm due to its heavy Tom Clancy influence, writes Jeff Grubb in a VentureBeat article. Although Ubisoft has included characters from various franchises, including Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, Far Cry, The Division and Watch Dogs, each character’s abilities feel similar, which means that differences between factions are diluted. Grubb argues that XDefiant could give some neglected franchises a breath of fresh air if it had more whimsy. However, the current version of XDefiant is too serious in tone and style, which may be attributed to its inspiration from Tom Clancy. Despite its flaws, Grubb is optimistic about the game’s future and looks forward to seeing more characters and maps, hoping that Ubisoft will bring some levity to its gameplay.

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