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‘Woke-Free Beer’: Conservative dad cashes in on Bud Light controversy – National

Conservative social media personality Seth Weathers has launched a new beer brand, “Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right 100% Woke-Free American Beer,” in response to Bud Light’s recent partnership with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney. Weathers’ ad for the new brand, which smashes a can of Bud Light and declares “Stop giving money to woke corporations that hate our values,” has been viewed millions of times and he claims to have received “thousands” of pre-orders for the beer since sharing it last Thursday. However, many have criticised Weathers for what they see as his opportunistic attempt to capitalise on anti-transgender sentiment. Furthermore, at $35 for a six-pack (including delivery), Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right is far more expensive than Bud Light. Weathers has also been criticised for possibly violating State laws in Illinois, where the beer is being manufactured. While putting a major damper on Weathers’ plans to ship directly to customers, the state requires breweries to register their labels and become licensed beer retailers before they can sell their products.

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