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Will China’s challenge lead to a crisis?

Amid growing concerns about a potential Chinese military invasion of Taiwan, a new book titled “U.S.-Taiwan Relations: Will China’s Challenge Lead to a Crisis?” has been released by Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Ryan Hass, Nonresident Senior Fellow Richard Bush, and German Marshall Fund Indo-Pacific Managing Director Bonnie Glaser. This book explores the factors and events that have pushed the risk of conflict in the Taiwan Strait higher in recent years and examines what more can be done to manage risks and deter conflict. On May 1, the authors will join PBS NewsHour’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Correspondent Nick Schifrin in a discussion about the past, present, and future of the Taiwan Strait and America’s role in it. The event will be co-hosted by the Brookings Institution and the German Marshall Fund, and viewers can submit questions via e-mail or Twitter. Guests attending the event in person are required to attest to their state of health before entering the building, and visitors with symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19 or who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the preceding 14 days are not allowed to enter.

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