Why data gravity is helping cloud providers become cybersecurity companies

Data gravity is becoming an important factor in the cybersecurity industry, according to VentureBeat contributor Ross Haleliuk. As data builds in one place, it starts to create a gravitational pull, attracting services and applications that rely on it to that location. Haleliuk argues that cloud providers understand this potential of data gravity well, and leverage it to offer cybersecurity-related add-ons through their marketplaces. Some cybersecurity firms also leverage cloud providers for distribution, relying on the field sales representatives of data lakes and cloud providers. 

The “shared responsibility” approach to cloud security, where cloud providers are responsible for securing physical data centres and infrastructure, while customers are responsible for what is in the cloud, is evolving. Google has moved towards a “shared fate” model, where it will provide guidance, tools and security blueprints to optimise security, starting at the initial deployment and manage ongoing security and compliance. This is in response to a growing recognition that a high proportion of cloud security failures come from user error and misconfiguration. The recently adopted National Cybersecurity Strategy seeks to shift the burden of cybersecurity away from individuals, local governments and small businesses onto organisations. The article notes that while Microsoft has been investing in security for a long time, Amazon AWS has been relatively quiet about its security play, while Google appears to be putting a lot of effort into making security its competitive advantage.

Haleliuk suggests that cloud providers have the potential to play a more active role in cybersecurity, and could absorb niche, data-driven security use cases. He predicts that they could potentially solve fundamental security problems, similar to how Gmail has reduced the problem of email spam.

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