What to expect from Google I/O 2023

Google is set to reveal its upcoming software and hardware plans at its annual I/O conference on May 10. The event is expected to focus on software, particularly the upcoming Android 14 system, which offers new features such as larger font size and improved battery life, as well as enhanced data privacy. The conference is also set to feature AI updates, which are currently shrouded in secrecy, though rumored developments include a new AI search engine. In terms of hardware, the conference is expected to unveil the long-awaited Pixel Fold, Google’s first foldable smartphone. The Pixel Fold is rumored to cost $1,700, with features such as a 5.8-inch outer display, a 7.6-inch inner display, and 24-hour battery life. Another rumor suggests that Google will release a cheaper version of the Pixel 7, the Pixel 7a, featuring a 50MP main camera, a 90Hz display, and a second-gen Tensor chip for improved performance. Google is also expected to showcase its new in-house Android tablet, though details about the device are still scarce. It is rumored to run on a second-gen Tensor chip with 8GB of RAM and Android 13 as its operating system, with a charging speaker dock available as an optional extra for $129.

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