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Weeks After Cole Sprouse's "Call Her Daddy" Interview Went Viral, Lili Reinhart Was Spotted Making Out With A TikToker Who Parodied His Indoor Smoking

Lili Reinhart, the Riverdale actress, was recently spotted kissing a TikToker named Ben Azelart. This comes weeks after her boyfriend and co-star, Cole Sprouse, caused a stir during an appearance on the podcast “Call Her Daddy” where he admitted to being a smoker.

The TikToker, Azelart, had previously parodied Sprouse’s indoor smoking habits in a viral video. In the video, Azelart can be seen using a staple gun to attach a cigarette to the ceiling of his room, similar to how Sprouse was seen smoking in his hotel room during a photoshoot.

Reinhart and Sprouse started dating in 2017, but rumors of their break-up circulated earlier this year. While they haven’t confirmed their split publicly, their recent actions suggest that they are seeing other people.

It is unclear if Reinhart’s new relationship with Azelart is serious or just a casual fling. Reinhart has previously been linked to her Riverdale co-star, KJ Apa, and has also been open about her bisexuality.

The 23-year-old actress also recently defended herself on social media against body shamers who criticized her for being too thin. In a series of tweets, Reinhart condemned the comments and reminded her followers that bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

Overall, it seems that Reinhart is moving on from Sprouse and embracing new experiences and relationships. Fans of the actress will likely be eagerly following her social media accounts for any new developments.

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