Warriors’ Draymond Green yells at Kings fans after kicking Domantas Sabonis

The Golden State Warriors suffered their second loss to the Sacramento Kings, and it is possible that the heated series may not return to Golden One Center. The defending champions’ loss at home means that if they don’t win the next two games, Kings fans will show even more animosity towards Draymond Green. Green, the Warriors’ emotional leader, was ejected after he stepped on Domantas’ Sabonis’ chest while being grabbed. His actions further sparked the combustible road environment, leading to confrontations with an incensed Kings crowd. After Green’s ejection, the Dubs trailed by three, and the game was tied less than a minute later when Gary Payton II drained a triple, but the Warriors failed to get over the hump without Green’s defending prowess. This loss puts the Warriors in a precarious position with an 0-2 hole, the first time in the Stephen Curry era. However, Green is not worried about his team’s title defense, as he is looking forward to being back at Golden One Center, relishing the hostility that awaits him.

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