Warriors’ Draymond Green has nobody to blame but himself

Draymond Green has been suspended for Game 3 of the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings series due to a flagrant 2 ruling that saw him commit “a cardinal basketball sin” of kicking opponent Domantas Sabonis during Game 2. Despite having a track record of unsportsmanlike acts, Green attempted to defend himself by claiming his foot was being held by Sabonis, and he had nowhere to land it. Analyst DJ Dunson, however, argues that Green’s recent actions, including blaming a groin kick on non-existent science, are not excusable—even for a valuable member of the Warriors team. Dunson highlights that Green’s actions could be considered dangerous following a similar incident resulting in the revival of football player Damar Hamlin, who received a helmet blow to the chest. Dunson comments that the NBA must discipline Green for the safety of all players, rather than allow him to continue with such actions.

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