Vlad Guerrero Jr. doubles-down on Yankees hate, takes it out on baseball

Toronto Blue Jays player Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has restated his dislike for the New York Yankees. In pre-match comments ahead of the first game of the season between the two sides, Guerrero affirmed that he would “never sign” for the Yankees, citing personal and family reasons for his hard feelings towards the organization. Guerrero’s father, Vladimir Guerrero Sr., was not offered a contract by the New York team, despite him being available in the transfer market in 2003. Guerrero, who hit a two-run homer in the first inning of the match, has also previously stated that he likes to “kill the Yankees” and called the team the “easiest” to play against last season, despite the fact that the Blue Jays were 8-11 against them. Guerrero is due for free agency after the 2025 season, but it is unlikely he will consider the Yankees based on his previous comments. The rivalry between Toronto and New York has intensified in recent years, with both teams experiencing a sustained period of success, resulting in postseason contention over multiple seasons.

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