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Valentin Pletnev, CEO of Quasar Finance, on Cosmos Ecosystem and Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol

Valentine Pletnev, CEO and co-founder of Quasar Finance, a vault-based asset management appchain for the Cosmos ecosystem and the broader Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, gave an exclusive interview to where he discussed launching the mainnet that allows investors to manage their DeFi investments across multiple chains and passing the quickest Osmosis governance proposal ever. Quasar Finance aims to make DeFi accessible to all and believes that DeFi can only flourish with interoperability. Pletnev believes that Spain is the best country to live in as it has great weather, culture and people. He started in the blockchain industry as a professional Counter-Strike player in Germany and encountered bitcoin for the first time two weeks after an injury forced him to drop off the competitive scene. He said he understood the pain of people having to adapt to different economic systems as his parents were from Eastern Europe and grew up in ex-communist and socialist countries. He stated that he learned about the pain points very early on and decided that Bitcoin was something that the world needs. He said that the biggest blows in life were the biggest grails of happiness later down the road and the biggest mistakes he made were the biggest savers of his path.

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