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University students suing sorority for allowing trans member ordered to reveal their names

A US District Court judge has ruled that female students of the University of Wyoming suing Kappa Kappa Gamma’s university chapter over its acceptance of a transgender registered male student must publicly reveal their identities if they wish to pursue their case. Six of the students have complied with the order, with just one remaining anonymous in the suit. The students are suing for “efforts to help induct transgender member Artemis Langford into the sorority’s University of Wyoming chapter last September,” claiming the sorority’s guiding documents have been breached. The suit also alleges Langford has been “watching” female members of the sorority house and detailed Langford’s history of engaging with members on the topic of female anatomy. The plaintiff’s original pseudonym for Langford was “Terry Smith,” in an attempt at sparing him from “threats and attacks,” but the new suit names Langford directly.

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