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Unchained Music teams up with Avalanche

Unchained Music, a Web3 music distribution platform known for offering 100% royalties to artists, announced a partnership with Avalanche to deploy artist royalty capital on the C-chain of Avalanche. The partnership will involve several decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols to enhance scalability. Avalanche was described as a platform for smart contracts that can grow infinitely. The community has reacted positively to the partnership, with one user praising the power of subnets. Avalanche recently partnered with SK Planet to expand its presence in the Asian market and is set to launch Avalanche Subnet UPTN in South Korea. The partnership between Unchained Music and Avalanche is expected to bear fruits, given the former’s reputation among independent artists and web3 music distribution facility that extends to over 200 streaming platforms. Unchained Music has already featured in CoinDesk, Nasdaq, and Yahoo Finance and houses over 10,000 artists and labels globally, including Joseph & Maia, Beacon Bloom, and Parichay.

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