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Ukrainian troops to begin training on US-made tanks in next few weeks – POLITICO

Ukraine, Germany, and Poland have agreed to establish a maintenance and service center in Poland for the Leopard 2 main battle tanks being provided to Kyiv. The move comes as the US Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, announced that American-made tanks would arrive in Germany for Ukrainian soldiers’ training to begin within weeks, after which 250 soldiers may learn to manoeuvre in combat. Over the last few months, more than 230 tanks and over 1,550 armoured vehicles, along with munitions and other equipment, have been sent by the group to support over nine new armoured brigades. Ukraine Defense Contact Group has over 40 nations and allies focusing on support to Kyiv, with the group working to deliver defence systems to counter Russian missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian cities and infrastructure, with two Patriot missile defence systems also arriving in Ukraine recently. In total, since the group’s founding a year ago, its members have provided over $55bn in security assistance with the US providing $35bn in security support to Ukraine since the full-scale invasion began.

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