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Tyre Nichols’ family sues Memphis police

The family of Tyre Nichols has filed a lawsuit against the city of Memphis, individual officers and emergency medical personnel, following his death three days after a brutal beating by five Memphis police officers. The lawsuit claims that the officers disproportionately targeted young Black men and that the division they belonged to, the Scorpion unit, used “extreme intimidation, humiliation, and violence.” The suit seeks a jury trial and financial damages. Along with Nichols’ mother, the lawsuit names the city of Memphis, the police director, the five officers who have been fired and charged, another officer who was fired but not charged, and an additional officer who retired. The lawsuit also names three Memphis Fire Department employees who were fired after officials said they failed to render aid to Nichols as he was on the ground, struggling with his injuries. The five officers charged with beating Nichols were members of the Scorpion unit, which was disbanded after the Nichols beating. The officers have been charged with second-degree murder and pleaded not guilty. The lawsuit accuses Memphis Police Director Cerelyn “CJ” Davis of starting the Scorpion unit to target repeat violent offenders in high-crime areas but that it disproportionately focused on and targeted young Black men. Nichols was targeted simply because he was a young Black man, according to the lawsuit. Officers stopped Nichols while he was driving his car for reasons that have “never been substantiated,” the lawsuit said. The officers’ own body cameras recorded them beating Nichols and then ignoring him for nearly half an hour.

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