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Truth Decay and National Security: Intersections, Insights, and Questions for Future Research

The issue of “Truth Decay” in American public life is explored in a Perspective paper by the RAND Corporation. The authors examine the impact of this phenomenon on national security, and suggest ways to address the lack of facts and analysis in public discourse. They also call for further research in this area, identifying gaps in the current knowledge and pathways for exploration. The paper is part of the RAND Perspectives series, which presents expert insights on policy issues. Funding for the research was provided by gifts from supporters and income from operations, with peer review conducted to maintain high standards of quality and objectivity. The publication is protected by law, with unauthorized posting online prohibited and permission from RAND required for commercial reuse. As a nonprofit institution, RAND aims to improve policy and decision making through research and analysis, with its publications not necessarily reflecting the opinions of its clients and sponsors.

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