Troy Aikman makes shocking revelation about NFL retirement plans two decades later

Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman almost played for the Miami Dolphins in the 2003 NFL season.

Aikman had strong connections to Norv Turner and Dave Wannstedt when the two coaches worked for the Dolphins in the early 2000s. Turner served as Dallas’ offensive coordinator for three seasons early in Aikman’s NFL career. On the other hand, Wannstedt served as the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator from 1989 to 1992.

With that in mind, the lure of playing for the Dolphins seemed to good to pass up for Aikman. He made the startling revelation in an interview on “The Adam Schefter Podcast” (via Awful Announcing’s Sam Neumann) earlier this week.

“I had a chance initially and I was going to do it quite honestly. I was gonna come back the Dolphins were looking at me. Dave Wannstedt was the head coach. Norv Turner was the offensive coordinator. I had trained that offseason, prepared to come back and play. And they felt like they were a quarterback away from achieving what they wanted to do,” Aikman said.

“So, I was gonna do it. I thought, ‘Well, I’ll give it a shot.’ Rick Spielman was the general manager and he ultimately was the one, I believe, that decided not to sign me, which was probably a good thing from their perspective. And it was a great thing from my perspective because they weren’t  a quarterback away. I think they won six games that year. They were not very good. It all worked out just fine,” Aikman continued.

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Would Cowboys great Troy Aikman have fared well in Dolphins teal?

At the time Miami reached out to Troy Aikman, the former Cowboys signal caller was already 37 years old. Plus, it had already been three years since he played in his final NFL down. Would he have made a difference with the Dolphins? Aikman claimed he was still in great physical shape. However, nobody knows for sure how well he would’ve done under the circumstances.

Aikman recently downplayed the possibility of becoming an NFL general manager. Thanks in large part to his broadcasting duties, the Cowboys great has a net worth of $65 million.

Troy Aikman in Dolphins teal would’ve been an eyesore for Cowboys fans. They will always associate the Hall of Fame quarterback with Jerry Jones’ team.

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