Crypto News Launches Decentralized Copy Trading Platform with automated trading signals for all trading markets

Decentralized copy trading platform,, has launched its landing page with its app scheduled to launch in May. The platform aims to revolutionize the trading experience by offering automated trading signals, which allows users of all experience levels to benefit from successful traders’ expertise without the need for manual intervention. offers a range of features, including the signal marketplace, full trade automation (only for crypto), and social interaction tools. The signal marketplace allows users to discover, compare, and follow various trading signal providers enabling users to make informed decisions and choose the right signals to follow. The platform aims to cover the whole spectrum of the market including cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, commodities, forex and NFTs, with an innovative pay-per-signal approach that is trustless. Security is a top priority for and its decentralized nature ensures transparency and reduces the risk of hacks or fraud. Smart contracts are used to execute trades securely and efficiently.  

Decentralized copy trading is an innovative system that enables users to replicate the trades of experienced traders or signal providers directly on their own accounts without ever sharing the profits, and is done through smart contracts on a blockchain, ensuring transparency and security without the need for intermediaries or centralized control.’s portfolio management system provides users with detailed analytics, performance metrics, and visual representations of their assets, making it easier for them to monitor and manage their investments. Additionally, incorporates social features, allowing users to interact with other traders and signal providers, share experiences, and share strategies. is committed to delivering a transparent, secure, and easy-to-use trading environment for users of all experience levels.

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