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Town offering a FREE four-bedroom house, no rent, a job with a £460,000 wage – would you qualify?

The council of Quairading, Western Australia, has offered a rent-free four-bedroom house and a salary package of £460,000 to attract a local doctor amid a skilled worker shortage. The remote farming community, located around 100 miles east of Perth, has always struggled to attract workers, and it has been without a doctor for months due to a shortage of GPs in regional Western Australia. The lucrative deal offered by Shire President Peter Smith included a full-time job at a maintained and stocked medical clinic, a four-bedroom family home with no rent, and a yearly salary with added benefits. Since putting out the job offer in January, the council received hundreds of resumes and finally filled the role. Australia is expected to face a shortage of more than 10,600 GPs in the next decade according to the Australian Medical Association. Between 2009 and 2019, the demand for doctors already surged by 58%. The national GP shortage has hit many rural communities, and Quairading is one of over 100 other towns in Western Australia with GP vacancies.

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