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Top 5 tech obsessions of older adults

During the pandemic, older adults had to become tech-savvy in order to use digital services like Facetime and Zoom. They have now adopted five tech obsessions that improve their daily lives. Firstly, wearable health tech like Apple Watches has become popular as it helps people track their health without waiting for their doctor’s appointment. Secondly, home assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home devices can assist with simple tasks like playing music, making calls, or turning lights on and off. These devices can also be configured to include emergency contact details in case an emergency arises. Thirdly, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have gained popularity, especially among seniors, as they provide thousands of movies and TV shows to view. Fourthly, security measures have become increasingly important, and consumers are now using password managers and two-factor authentication to protect their accounts. Finally, scam prevention is crucial for older adults who, when they do fall prey to scams, lose more money than other age groups. Antivirus protection software can help protect older adults from malicious links and provide a valuable layer of protection. The CyberGuy, Kurt Knutsson, offers solutions to these tech obsessions, and his website has valuable information to help seniors make the most of their technology.

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