Tom Brady AI stand-up comedy special pulled after legal threats

The recent news that Tom Brady’s representatives shut down an AI-created stand-up comedian Tom Brady has led to speculation that the football star may himself be some kind of artificial intelligence. Reports from a friend who once spent time with Brady suggest a conversation that felt like “trying to converse with something nebulous that was trying to learn how to be human”. Brady’s interactions since then have been similarly robotic, with everything looking heavily rehearsed. The idea that Brady could be an AI is not new, with some suggesting that his uncanny ability to win games and maintain top physical form at an advanced age is evidence of an otherworldly nature. However, the comedian incident suggests that perhaps even Brady is unaware of his own true nature, and that the AI conspiracy may have taken on a life of its own. The piece ends on a note of ominous inevitability, suggesting that if an AI can conquer football and quarterbacks, there may be no challenge that it cannot surmount.

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