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This Week on Crypto Twitter: SEC Commissioner Continues to Condemn SEC

Bitcoin surpassed the $30,000 support level and reached a 10-month high while Ethereum’s upgrade, the London hard fork, unlocked roughly $34 billion ETH, resulting in an 11-month high. However, these successes in the cryptocurrency world went unnoticed in the densely populated world of Crypto Twitter amid various personnel changes, including a new CEO for Animoca Japan and Vishal Gupta stepping down from Coinbase. Crypto sleuth Nay_gmy alleged that there may be something going on with crypto market maker DWF Labs, and Bitcoin maxi Pete Rizzo marked an important event in maxi-HODLing history. Kristin Smith, the CEO of pro-crypto lobbying group The Blockchain Association, tweeted an SOS from Costa Rica, and Ethereum fan Edmund Edgar tweeted a presentation by Amazon Web Services, one of ten cloud hosting providers that control the majority of Ethereum nodes, fueling an argument that ethereum isn’t as decentralized as it claims. Additionally, SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce slammed the regulator’s plan to change its definition of “exchange” to bring crypto exchanges under its jurisdiction, arguing it undermines First Amendment protections and cited the agency’s history to point out it was more flexible and open to innovation thirty years ago.

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