The Yankees Are Failing To Achieve A Common Feat

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The New York Yankees continue to be in the news for their poor play this season.

Many people have to be surprised that the Yankees are not in contention.

They are in last place in the AL East and are seven games out of a Wild Card spot.

The Yankees will not be headed to the playoffs this year.

One reason for their lackluster season is that they cannot string a winning streak together.

According to Katie Sharp, the Yankees have not won more than five games in a row at any point this season.

This would be the only time in the last 25 seasons other than in 2014 that they did not have a winning streak of at least six games.

New York does have the difficult task of having to play in the AL East.

Every team in that division is tough which makes trying to string a winning streak together difficult.

But, there is still no excuse for how bad the Yankees have been this year.

Many of their struggles are due to their star players being unavailable.

The Yankees go as Aaron Judge goes, yet Judge has missed 54 games this year with different injuries.

Since they are seven games out of a playoff spot, the only chance they have to get in is by going on a long win streak.

The Yankees have a 70-70 record with 22 games to play.

The last time they finished with a record under .500 was 1992.

It will be interesting to see them try and keep their winning-season streak alive.

Even if it does not end with them playing in the postseason.

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