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The Now Pass Mint Is Officially Live

NFT Now has launched a collection of 2,750 NFTs called the Now Pass that offers holders access to its Now Network, an ecosystem that contains its tokenised media initiatives. The Now Pass mint takes place over three phases, with Phase One available to NFT100 and Next Up honorees, speakers, investors and partners. During Phase Two, allowlist giveaways, community collaborations and Premint signups will take place, while Phase Three is a public sale of the NFTs. Purchasers will need to have Ethereum in MetaMask or WalletConnect wallets. Each wallet in Phases One and Two can mint up to two Now Passes, and up to three during Phase Three. Bad actors spreading misinformation are a risk in Web3. The NFT Now artwork is generative employing “the signal in the noise” concept across various rarity traits, developed through a custom application. The tokenised media revolution, the company states, has the ability to redefine how we view relationships and benefit everyone through building an information ecosystem.

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