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The Great NFT Reset: Why Lower Valuations Can Foster a Healthier Ecosystem | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture

The non-fungible token (NFT) market has recently experienced a decline in sales and interest, leading some to claim that it is dead or dying. However, many experts believe that this is part of a necessary “great reset” that could lead to a more sustainable and equitable market for creators and collectors. The NFT boom in recent years was fueled by speculation and a focus on quick profits rather than the intrinsic value of the assets. This period of correction presents an opportunity to reassess expectations and focus on the long-term value and utility of NFTs. To reach mainstream adoption, NFT prices need to be more accessible and in line with traditional collectibles such as baseball and Pokémon cards. The market will also likely shift towards more utility-focused offerings such as digital concert tickets and virtual real estate. This evolution will lead to a more mature and widespread adoption of NFTs. The great reset also offers an opportunity for artists to regain control of their art and pricing by creating NFTs with intrinsic value and utility. Overall, a more stable and mature NFT market offers opportunities for investors, artists, and users alike, paving the way for exciting new applications and widespread adoption. By embracing this shift, we can ensure a bright future for the NFT ecosystem.

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