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The GOAT of corruption, Frank Sinatra’s Chicago, and more from Fox News Opinion

Fox News is now offering a newsletter featuring opinions from various hosts and contributors. The latest edition includes Tucker Carlson’s take on the investigation into Hunter Biden and a perceived double standard of justice in the DOJ, as well as an article by Karol on the left’s newest, totalitarian way to separate the family unit through permissive parenting. Governor Kristi Noem takes readers through how South Dakota is giving kids the education they deserve, while Greg Gutfeld exposes fake outrage on Capitol Hill. Another article discusses the Biden family’s corruption allegations, and Raymond Arroyo reports on Biden’s spelling abilities. The newsletter also covers Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision on how they’ll handle royal coronations and how Democrats are about to face their own Bud Light moment. Lastly, the newsletter features a cartoon of the day.

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