The Elipsa 2E is a Great Do-Over of Kobo’s First E Ink Tablet

Kobo’s Elipsa 2E is a super-sized e-reader featuring a 10.3-inch E Ink screen that can be used with a stylus for annotating books, taking notes, or reading things like comic books and magazines. The upgrade from the Elipsa is subtle and minor, however, it delivers a better e-note device and a much improved experience over the original Elipsa. The pen-on-paper experience feels more responsive, and the addition of color temperature adjustments on the screen lighting is also a welcome upgrade, as is the Kobo Stylus 2, which feels better and more functional than the original. The screen resolution remains limited to 227 PPI and the syncing of notes across multiple devices could still use some polishing. The Elipsa 2E comes with direct access to Kobo’s online ebook store, which is stocked with over 1.3 million titles available for purchase, thereby working well as both an e-note device and a large screen e-reader. One of the main selling points is its screen lighting with color temperature adjustments, with warm tones being easier on the eyes when using devices after dark. The thicker stylus with an eraser button is an upgrade from the original Elipsa’s stylus with a fine tip that retracted into the stylus under pressure- the feel of the new stylus has been compared to that of the Apple Pencil. The make or break feature for any e-note device is how the simulated pen on paper experience feels, and the Elipsa 2E delivers a more responsive experience over the original.

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