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The creator of PUBG will release NFT metaverse game

Krafton, the creator of popular battle royale shooter PUBG: Battlegrounds, is set to launch its own Web3 metaverse game platform, Migaloo, this year. In partnership with augmented reality company Naver Z, the firms have created a joint venture with Krafton owning 85% of the company and Naver Z with the remaining 15%. Migaloo will feature a “create-to-earn” system that allows players to construct, purchase and sell in-game assets as NFTs, similar to Roblox. Krafton also announced a partnership with Solana Labs in March 2022 to develop games for the Solana network. This push for Web3 games is part of a trend among Asian companies who are developing blockchain-based games and activities. Other companies include Square Enix, Nexon, Razer and WeMade.

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