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The Arbitrum Airdrop Has Arrived: Here’s What to Know

Arbitrum, an Ethereum layer-two scaling solution, is launching its token airdrop on March 23. Over one billion tokens will be distributed to more than 600,000 wallet addresses, with the minimum airdrop entitlement being 625 tokens and the maximum being 10,250 tokens. ARB holders will be able to participate in voting on decisions affecting the Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova networks as part of the company’s move to becoming a decentralized autonomous organization. Eligible users will be notified of their entitlement, with the snapshot of eligible users having been taken on February 6, 2023. After the airdrop, the remaining community tokens will be gradually distributed by the Arbitrum Foundation and DAO, with the aim of decentralizing the networks and allowing the community to control the ecosystem and technology. The company’s other plans to give sub-communities a voice include various DAOs. All investor and team tokens will be subject to four-year lockups, with monthly unlocks in the remaining three years.

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