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Blockchain infrastructure start-up, Crossmint, has teamed up with Tintinimaginatio to launch the first-ever NFT collection of the popular Tintin comic series. The limited-edition collection features “The Blue Lotus” illustration created by Belgian comic artist Hergé in 1936, which sold for €2.6 million ($2.8 million) earlier this year. There are two different versions of the Tintin NFTs available: a limited edition print run of 777 copies and a digital NFT limited to 1,777 pieces. Each NFT is unique, featuring the geographic coordinates of Tintin’s travel locations and unlocking early access to new versions of “The Blue Lotus” book before publication and exclusive passes to the Hergé museum. Payments can be made via credit card thanks to Crossmint’s credit card checkout solution, which aims to encourage non-crypto native users to adopt Web3 and drive mass adoption of the technology. Philippe Goddin, a renowned Hergéologist, has created a digital brochure for buyers, providing an in-depth look at the creation process of the Tintin series and the artistic vision behind it. Tintin, a young Belgian reporter, and his dog Snowy, have since become cultural icons, inspiring movies, TV shows, and even a theme park. However, the early Tintin books were criticised for their racist and colonial undertones. Hergé acknowledged his mistakes in later years and removed some of the offensive content from the books. The Tintin NFT collection is an exciting development for the Tintin fanbase, providing them with the opportunity to own a piece of Tintin history through NFTs.

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