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Taiwan holds live-fire military drills as China invasion fears surge | World | News

Taiwan’s army has conducted a large monthly live-fire exercise amid growing regional tensions with China. The ‘Chen Chiang’ drills saw troops shooting at various targets to maintain combat readiness. The exercise comes as Taiwan invests heavily in defence amid fears of a Chinese military invasion. Taiwan’s Foreign Minister, Joseph Wu, highlighted 2027 as a year of concern as China aims to be fully prepared for a military invasion by that time. Wu suggested that President Xi Jinping may initiate a crisis against Taiwan to show his ability and desire to take action for China’s unification, potentially driven by domestic problems such as a slowing economy, financial instability, and discontent resulting from COVID lockdowns. Taiwan is preparing for a possible attack at any time, and its defence forces have declared they will adhere to the principles of “being prepared for war but not actively seeking it” and “responding to conflict rather than avoiding it.” Wu stated that Taiwan takes all assessments of the threat seriously and wants to be prepared for any potential military attack by China.

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