Stone Cold Steve Austin has identity crisis filming new TV show

Stone Cold Steve Austin, a former WWE professional wrestler, is set to premiere his new show, Stone Cold Takes on America, on April 30 on A&E. The show follows Austin on his adventure outside of professional wrestling, where he sets out to do activities he missed while traveling as a pro wrestler. There is very little wrestling content in the show, with only a few flashbacks to his career and one segment featuring former WWE wrestler Mason Ryan. The series aims to focus on who Austin is as a person outside of his wrestling persona. Austin initially struggled with finding his identity for the show, as it is named Stone Cold Takes on America, however, he found that being himself, Steve Austin, was enough. The show features Austin participating in common activities, such as bowling with seniors and becoming an attendant waiter, and includes footage of him traveling in his RV with his wife. Although the WWE was approached to participate in the show, it did not come to fruition due to the company’s focus on their annual event, WrestleMania. Filming started in November and ended the last week of March, with some stops in between.

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