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Staked TRX & Energy Rental is now positioned live

JustLend DAO, a decentralized finance platform on the TRON network, has launched Staked TRX and Energy Rental features on its mainnet. Staked TRX enables users to earn yields simply by voting with their staked TRX and renting out their energy. The yields are divided into two segments: the first allows the platform to use the Tron Power extracted from the staked TRX to vote and earn rewards, while the second lets the platform rent energy to other users and collect rent. Meanwhile, Energy Rental provides a less expensive option for procuring energy through staking and burning TRX, and users can rent out energy or stop renting as desired.

As per TRONSCAN data, there are currently 154,130,657 TRON accounts with a transfer volume of $7.3512 trillion. JustLend DAO plans to introduce a JST buyback-and-burn program to ensure the sustainability and growth of the JST ecosystem.

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