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Square Enix Partners with Elixir to Explore the Promise of Web3 Decentralized Gaming | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture

Square Enix has partnered with Elixir, a Web3 platform, to promote blockchain games that use NFTs to traditional gamers. The partnership aims to drive the adoption of NFT-based Web3 games and leverage Elixir’s previous partnership with Epic Games to allow more Web3 games on the store. Square Enix has been actively pushing NFTs since the beginning of the year when it unveiled its NFT-focused game, Symbiogenesis. The partnership with Elixir is strategic for Square Enix as Symbiogenesis will be an NFT-focused game that uses blockchain technology. However, NFTs have yet to capture the interest of most gamers, which could present a challenge for the company. Elixir Games is a leading web3 gaming distribution platform and the partnership will allow millions of gamers to explore quality web3 games through a platform that offers a simple, seamless experience to the traditional gamer. Elixir has become the leading distribution platform for web2 and web3 desktop titles following a recent integration with Epic Games.

Sony, another gaming company, is also exploring NFTs and has filed a patent for cross-platform NFTs that could be used to manage and monetize digital assets over different games and platforms. The company has described a system that could tie NFTs to in-game achievements, but it remains to be seen whether Sony’s project will come to fruition.

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