Shannon Sharpe, Chad Johnson Discuss Latest Stephen A. Smith Beef

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In the past couple of days, former NFL great Terrell Owens has made the rounds on social media, but not for the best reasons.

A report stating that Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman’s lack of chemistry was the reason why the latter was forced off “First Take” made a now-viral clip resurface, and it wasn’t pretty.

The said clip showed Owens claiming that Kellerman was actually “blacker” than Stephen A., which infuriated the pundit on live television.

Owens doubled down on that statement on social media, and Stephen A. didn’t hesitate to go at full steam at him, calling him out, threatening to reveal some things he allegedly tried to do behind his back, and whatnot.

Things got so heated that even Kyrie Irving had to step up and mediate on Twitter so they could put their differences aside.

Likewise, former Cincinnati Bengals star Chad Johnson spoke with Shannon Sharpe and also talked about how he loves both of them and how he reached out to both to urge them to just cut it out.

He said that he obviously loved Owens as a player, but he also looked up to Stephen A. as a journalist, to which Sharpe agreed.

Stephen A. acknowledged that he shouldn’t be beefing on social media with another grown man, but the cat was already out of the bag.

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