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Salt Bae slammed as ‘shameless’ over discount stunt as he offers 30% off gold-wrapped steaks to uni students

Celebrity chef Salt Bae, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, has received criticism on social media for offering a 30% discount on gold-wrapped steaks at his Boston restaurant Nusr-Et to students. Despite the discount, the steaks still cost over $1,000. Commentators criticised the chef for not offering scholarships or free meals instead. Gökçe shot to fame in 2017 after a video of him seasoning meat went viral on social media. He now owns 22 restaurants across the UK, US, Greece and Dubai and has a net worth of over £40m ($48m). Prices at his eateries start from around £30 ($36) for a salad, up to £950 ($1143) for a steak. A recent video posted to Instagram in which Gökçe bragged about his millionaire lifestyle was widely mocked by social media users for being “cringey” and “tone deaf”.

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