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Russia’s Committed War Crimes In Ukraine: UN Report

A new UN-backed report has found Russia guilty of committing war crimes and likely crimes against humanity during its invasion of Ukraine. The report claimed that Russia had violated international humanitarian and human rights laws by targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, carrying out indiscriminate bombings on areas with civilian populations, and conducting torture, unlawful confinement, and summary executions, amongst other things. The report’s findings included the case of a 14-year-old boy who was killed in a summary execution, a priest who was brutally beaten and forced to parade naked through his village, and girls as young as four and women as old as 82 who were subjected to sexual violence. Although the report is unlikely to have any practical effect on Russia, it has increased pressure for the country to be held accountable by the International Criminal Court. It also functions as a historical record of the abuses committed by Russia, which did not cooperate with the investigation.

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