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The Lionel Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo debate is a topic that ignites passionate discussions among football fans worldwide. Recently, the British professional boxer Tyson Fury shared his perspective on this enduring rivalry as he met with CR7 in Riyadh ahead of his ‘Battle of the Baddest’ bout with Francis Ngannou.

Fury, a dedicated Manchester United fan born in the same city where Ronaldo rose to global fame, was seen conversing with the football legend. With a smile, Fury bestowed the title of the “greatest footballer” upon Ronaldo, praising his remarkable career, both at Old Trafford and with Real Madrid.

Cristiano, you’re the greatest footballer that’s ever lived, and I mean that,” Fury declared about the debate.

Ronaldo, appreciative of the compliment, responded with gratitude. The boxer expressed his admiration for the forward in this debate, recounting how he diligently followed Ronaldo’s journey, from his early days at Manchester United to his impressive tenure at Real Madrid.

Ronaldo, in turn, supports Fury in his forthcoming ‘Battle of the Baddest’ match. Their camaraderie was evident as they engaged in light-hearted banter during their meeting. Ronaldo playfully threw a pretend punch, and Fury reciprocated the playful spirit. The two icons found common ground in their mutual appreciation of each other’s accomplishments.

During the conversation, Ronaldo inquired about Fury’s absence from the stadium and received an intriguing response. Fury, known for his fervent support of Manchester United, admitted that attending matches can be a challenging experience for him, describing it as an intense and electrifying atmosphere.

While the debate over Messi and Ronaldo’s greatness continues among football enthusiasts, Tyson Fury’s admiration for CR7 adds another layer of intrigue to the ongoing discussion. As two extraordinary talents from boxing and football cross paths, their mutual respect for each other’s achievements provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of sports icons.

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