rewrite this title Tommy Fury is every Manchester United fan as Cristiano Ronaldo opportunity arises at Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou event

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Tommy Fury is quite famous in his own right – but the boxer was the one asking for selfies on Friday night.

That is because the biggest stars from sport and beyond were out for a special gala in Saudi Arabia before Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou.


Al Nassr superstar Ronaldo is in Riyadh to promote Fury vs NgannouCredit: X: @Turki_alalshikh

None were bigger than Cristiano Ronaldo, who appeared to be the centre of attention in a room full of champions.

Tyson Fury and his half-brother Tommy Fury are both big Manchester United fans – and it was clear to see as the fighters interacted with the former Old Trafford hero.

Footage has emerged showing Tommy Fury patiently waiting as Ronaldo took a plethora of selfies with distinguished guests.

Meanwhile, WBC champion Tyson Fury sat down for a chat with the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

The Manchester-born boxer said: “Cristiano, you’re the greatest footballer that’s ever lived, and I mean that.

“I’m a big fan, I watch all the football, I watched you when you were at United, the first time, second time, all of the Real Madrid, everything.”

Ronaldo asked: “But you’ve never been to the stadium?”

And Fury replied: “I come to the stadium but I get very much tortured while I’m there, so it’s very difficult for me.”

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