rewrite this title Robert Kirkman on Adapting His Invincible Comic for Prime Video

Summerize this News Article Image: Prime VideoRobert Kirkman, the prolific comic writer behind The Walking Dead and Invincible, is gearing up for the second season of his superhero satire. But when he’s writing out the seasons of the Prime Video show, he has the benefit of hindsight; the original Invincible comic book series was first published in 2003, from Image Comics.How Walking Dead Helped Improve InvincibleVariety sat down with Kirkman and directly asked how he decided what “keep from the comics” and what parts were open for tweaking. “The goal is to take what’s in the comics and enrich and deepen it,” he said. Unlike with The Walking Dead, where the show was being created while he was still writing the comics, he has a lot more room to arrange the story.With Invincible “it’s down to the point where it’s like, that line of dialogue is going to have a bigger punch if we tweak it a little bit, because we know what we would theoretically be adapting in season six.” One of the big things that he’s able to adjust has been in response to the performers. For example, the “spectacular” Sandra Oh as Debbie really convinced Kirkman to give her more of a role, saying that she wasn’t the “biggest character in the comics.” Debbie has “a unique perspective that’s more relatable to the audience because she has no superpowers. Her story is interesting because of everything that’s happening with her husband and her son and her being at the center of this insane world … So a lot of plots come from, ‘OK, well, what are we doing with Debbie that we didn’t do in the comics?’”Season two of Invincible will premeire on Prime Video November 3.Updated: October 27, 8:35 ET: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Invincible first published in 2010 when it first published in 2003. We regret the error. Want more io9 news? Check out when to expect the latest Marvel, Star Wars, and Star Trek releases, what’s next for the DC Universe on film and TV, and everything you need to know about the future of Doctor Who. that meets Google’s requirements for helpful content updates. The Article should be at least 500 words long and should target the following keywords: Robert Kirkman on Adapting His Invincible Comic for Prime Video The News Article should include the following: * A well-written introduction that hooks the reader and provides a clear overview of news * A logical structure that makes it easy for readers to follow the argument and understand the points being made. * Subheadings and bullet points to break up the text and make it more visually appealing. The News Article should be written in *easy English* that is *easy to read* and *should be written in human tone and style* and *not look like AI generated*. Follow these guidelines writing this content. * Use natural language and avoid using jargon or technical terms that the average reader may not understand. * Use active voice instead of passive voice. * Use contractions and other informal language where appropriate. * Use humor and other elements of human emotion to engage the reader.

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