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rewrite this title Rami Malek and Emma Corrin Spotted for Vegan Lunch in L.A.

Rami Malek and Emma Corrin were seen together having lunch together in LA this Thursday. Both of the actors were seen walking out of a vegan restaurant, Gracias Madre that too hand in hand.

They seemed very relaxed and comfortable around each other they were also dressed up in very comfortable clothes, and they were seen pretty enjoying their outing in each other’s company.

Rumors of dating Malek and Corrin have been in the headlines lately and their appearance together hand in hand sparked their dating rumors again. But on the other hand, neither of them confirmed nor denied the rumors about them as if they were enjoying letting people keep guessing about their relationship.

However, some of the reports suggest that both personalities are close friends and nothing else more than that and it is very common to have a lunch day out with your close friends.

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Rami Malek And Emma Corren Spotted Having Lunch Together!

For those who don’t know who is Malek and Corrin, Malek is widely known for his role in films including Bohemian Rhapsody and Mr Robot whereas Corrin is known for her role in the Netflix series The Crown in its fourth season. Both of them are among the rising stars of Hollywood.

In case the duo’s dating is true then it would be a typical match ever made in Hollywood. Both personalities are growing and talented actors have a bright future ahead of them. Both of them are very glamorous as they have their own way of style that makes them even more attractive.

Some believe that they might be working on a project together that’s why they are meeting up so much lately.

Malek and Corrin might be filming a new movie or a TV show or for any stage work. Yet the fact of roaming hand in hand in streets is still a question.

One theory says that both of them are in the phase where before confessing anything to anyone they want to figure out things on their own, they are just seeing each other to know how compatible they are or not. But it is sure to confirm that they are comfortable getting seen together in public.

Only time will reveal the true reality to us but one thing is clear and sure both the actors are talented and hardworking also they a bright future ahead awaits them.

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