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Here we will look at the four Las Vegas Raiders who are most to blame for their Week 11 loss vs. the Miami Dolphins.

The Las Vegas Raiders got a painful reality check against the Miami Dolphins in Week 11. The Raiders lost with a final score of 20-13. Las Vegas fell short in several key areas. In this article, we will examine the reasons behind the Raiders’ loss and identify the personnel who are most to blame.

Week 11 loss

In the Week 11 defeat, Raiders’ rookie quarterback Aidan O’Connell had an opportunity to lead a game-tying drive in the waning moments of the fourth quarter. However, his attempt was thwarted as Jalen Ramsey intercepted the ball in the end zone. This marked O’Connell’s second interception with a mere 30 seconds left on the clock. O’Connell’s overall performance included completing 24 of 41 passes for 271 yards, one touchdown, and three interceptions. All three turnovers occurred in the second half. Meanwhile, Josh Jacobs struggled on the ground. He mustered only 39 yards on 14 carries. On a more positive note, Davante Adams secured seven passes for 82 yards and a touchdown.

Sure, it might be tempting to attribute the Raiders’ struggles to a lack of offensive prowess compared to the Dolphins. However, the true determinant of the game’s outcome was the turnovers. Las Vegas faltered in capitalizing on the defensive turnovers it forced and the three offensive turnovers committed in the second half.

A pivotal moment came early in the game when the Raiders forced and recovered a Tua Tagovailoa fumble during the Dolphins’ initial possession. This provided the Raiders with a favorable field position at the Miami 30-yard line. However, they only managed to gain 14 yards and settle for a field goal. A similar scenario unfolded late in the second quarter when the Raiders once again forced and recovered a fumble. This set up possession at the Miami 32-yard line. Unfortunately, they could only muster 3 yards, resulting in another field goal. The beginning of the second half saw Tagovailoa throwing an interception on the first play, but the Raiders failed to capitalize as they went three-and-out. They ultimately punted the ball back to Miami. The Raiders defense was impressive on Sunday. Unfortunately, the offense ran into problems.

Here we will look at the four Las Vegas Raiders who are most to blame for their Week 11 loss vs. the Miami Dolphins.


Whether embraced or not, the Raiders find themselves grappling with the developmental challenges of Aidan O’Connell. As we said, his performance was marred by three interceptions. His reluctance to release the ball promptly and missed opportunities, including ones with the wide-open Davante Adams, were glaring issues. The rookie quarterback initially displayed promise with a 46-yard touchdown pass to Davante Adams in the first quarter. However, there was hardly any bright spot after that.

Despite boasting a lineup of All-Pro caliber talent, this offensive unit remains among the league’s weakest. Notably, the Raiders failed to secure a first down during the second and third quarters. Not surprisingly, their scoring was absent in the third and fourth. With the exception of Antonio Pierce’s debut as interim coach against the New York Giants, the Raiders have failed to exceed 19 points in a game this season.

Josh Jacobs

The Raiders’ rushing offense, ranked 30th in the NFL, which had surpassed the 100-yard mark in the previous two weeks, reverted to its struggling form. In contrast to the previous week’s strategy against the Jets, where the Raiders persisted with a run-heavy approach featuring RB Josh Jacobs, the same did not hold against the Dolphins. Jacobs concluded the game with a meager 39 yards on 14 carries. In a closely contested match, a few more well-timed runs could have made a significant difference.

Jakorian Bennett

For rookie cornerback Jakorian Bennett, this season has been a learning experience. Despite starting initially, he has seen sporadic action. Of course, he has also faced some challenging moments. During the first quarter in Miami, a hold by Bennett nullified a QB sack from defensive end Malcolm Koonce on a crucial 3rd-and-11 play. This ultimately resulted in a touchdown for the Dolphins and a 7-3 lead.

Antonio Pierce

Interim head coach Antonio Pierce deserves acknowledgment for his assertiveness. In hindsight, however, he might regret his decisions to go for it on fourth downs in Dolphins territory. Twice, while trailing by seven points, Pierce opted for fourth-down attempts rather than settling for field goals. Both attempts failed to convert, altering the game dynamics.

As a consequence, instead of requiring a field goal to win when they gained possession at their 7-yard line with 1:58 remaining, the Raiders found themselves trailing by seven. This, of course, necessitated a touchdown. Opting for field goals would have positioned them to win with a field goal rather than forcing a throw to the end zone. This ended in an interception by Ramsey. It was rather unfortunate because the Raiders’ defense had performed admirably.

Looking Ahead

In retrospect, the Raiders’ Week 11 performance was a culmination of challenges spanning offensive struggles, missed opportunities, and pivotal decisions that altered the course of the game. O’Connell grappled with the inevitable learning curve as a rookie. He faced difficulties in timely decision-making and capitalizing on open receivers. The offensive unit, despite housing All-Pro caliber talent, faltered. They experienced notable lapses in first downs and scoring. Josh Jacobs, a cornerstone in their offensive strategy, fell short of making the impact witnessed in the previous week. Rookie cornerback Jakorian Bennett also faced his share of lessons.

Of course, interim coach Antonio Pierce’s aggressive choices, while commendable, yielded outcomes that may have left room for reconsideration. The hindsight surrounding fourth-down attempts and the potential impact of field goals underscores the delicate balance in strategic decisions. Ultimately, the Raiders find themselves dissecting a game where critical moments, both on and off the field, shaped an outcome that could have taken a different trajectory with a few key adjustments.

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