rewrite this title O’Shea Jackson Jr. drops shocking Superman: Legacy truth bomb

O’Shea Jackson Jr. saw an opportunity to talk about his Superman audition after Madison Beer revealed she didn’t get the part she tried for.

As James Gunn gears up for his anticipated DC Universe project, Superman: Legacy, casting revelations have started surfacing, hinting at the vast ensemble involved. Singer-songwriter Madison Beer recently disclosed that she was in contention for a role in the upcoming DC reboot. In a video, Beer expressed her near involvement, stating, “That might have been for the new Superman movie. Sorry if that’s not announced. I didn’t get the part. Unfortunately not.”

Beer further shed light on the audition process, emphasizing the ambiguous nature of the character descriptions provided. “They keep the character vague and make something up new. I don’t know who the actual character I was auditioning for was,” she shared, echoing the clandestine nature of the auditions.

Joining the conversation, actor O’Shea Jackson Jr., recognized for his roles in projects like “Cocaine Bear” and “Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi,” took to Twitter to corroborate Beer’s experience. Jackson retweeted reports of Beer’s audition and revealed his similar encounter, stating he had the “same” experience, leaving fans intrigued about his potential involvement.

However, the specific role Jackson auditioned for remains shrouded in mystery. Speculations abound regarding whether it pertains to the already-cast character of Michael Holt / Mr. Terrific, portrayed by Edi Gathegi, or an entirely new addition to the Superman saga.

As Gunn continues to piece together his vision for the DC Universe, the puzzle of casting for “Superman: Legacy” remains an intriguing narrative, leaving audiences eager to discover the final assembly of talent set to grace the big screen in this iconic superhero tale.

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