rewrite this title Ohio State football’s Marvin Harrison Jr. takes issue on controversial Minnesota call

Marvin Harrison Jr., Kyle McCord, Ryan Day and the Ohio State football squad may not have liked a certain call during their Minnesota game.

Unreal feats of physicality are often questioned by a lot of individuals because of how inhuman they are. Marvin Harrison Jr. just delivered one of those in front of the Ohio State football crowd and everybody loved it. But, it only took seconds before Coach Ryan Day, Kyle McCord, and the rest of the Buckeyes got the excitement sucked out of them. Some false hope was also brought toward the Minnesota football side of things.

Marvin Harrison Jr. had one of his superb catches ruled incomplete during the Ohio State football game against the Minnesota football squad. A lot of fans posit that the catch should have been valid given how far the Buckeyes’ wide receiver was from the out-of-bounds area. Even Harrison Jr. himself got in on the action.

“Two feet too smh,” wrote the Ohio State football wide receiver as he emphasized how far he made the catch before it was called incomplete.

Everything went in their favor anyway. He ended the game with 30 receiving yards while catching three passes out of the air from Kyle McCord. This brought him to a 10-yard average per play which was huge for Ryan Day’s squad. They would eventually get the demolition job done. It all culminated with a 37 to 3 scoreline that did not show any mercy to the Golden Gophers.

Despite the disappointing call, Harrison Jr. and the Ohio State football program improved. They now have a flawless 11-win record before the start of bowl season. Will they be the favorites and win the national championship come winter?

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