rewrite this title New James Bond writer wants this Inglorious Bastard star as next 007

James Bond: 007 comic writer Garth Ennis wants Michael Fassbender as the next Bond, citing his performance in Inglorious Basterds.

James Bond: 007 comic writer Garth Ennis said he’d like Michael Fassbender to be the next James Bond, AIPT reported.

Ennis is writing the new James Bond comic with artist Rapha Lobosco. He said that while the movies portrayed “a toned down version of the character in the books” the comic will feature a colder, more monstrous Bond.

According to Ennis, James Bond: 007 “is the British establishment’s killing machine, and as such is unlikely to be a model citizen.”

He highlights Skyfall as one of the best Bond films, where the audience can see 007 as he’s written since “it’s the first time you had a sense of a guy fighting for something that was real to him.”

When asked who he’d like to play the next Bond, he replied, “Probably [Michael] Fassbender. I really liked his ‘fatal Englishman’ character in Inglorious [Basterds], you could definitely tell that guy had been up to some unpleasant s**t.”

Ennis also repeated this answer for where he said, “I think Michael Fassbender. If you think back to the guy he played in Inglorious [Basterds] and extrapolate, I reckon he’d be an excellent Bond.”

In Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basters released in 2019, Fassbender played Lieutenant Archie Hicox. Hicox was a British officer who helps out in Operation Kino. His character ends up dying in the movie’s memorable tavern scene.

Fassbender most recently stars in David Fincher’s The Killer. He plays the unnamed titular character who exacts revenge on the people who attack his girlfriend.

While there are many actors’ names bandied about as the next James Bond, fans of the agent with the license to kill will have to wait. Producer Barbara Brocolli has said that it will take time for them to update and modernize Bond.

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