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The Web3 gaming developer Neon Machine — backed by a team behind Call of Duty, West World, and Halo — has successfully raised $20 million in a Series A funding round to propel its extraction shooter game ‘Shrapnel‘.

Led by Polychain Capital with significant backing from Brevan Howard Digital, Franklin Templeton, Griffin Gaming Partners, IOSG Ventures and Tess Ventures, this capital trails behind Neon’s $10.5 million raise in June 2021.

Neon Machine’s Shrapnel-Centric Roadmap 

Neon Machine describes Shrapnel as an AAA game — a term for video games with high-quality production values, expansive marketing strategies, and substantial financial budgets.

The Neon Machine Shrapnel game promises a thrilling first-person shooter experience with multiplayer features, similar to Activision Blizzard’s famous ‘Call of Dury: Warzone’. The game is poised to become accessible to paid subscribers in December before launching as a ‘free-to-play’ title “sometime” in 2024.

Although the game is yet to enter its pre-alpha testing phase, initial gameplay footage teases captivating competitive elements focused on “extraction” mechanics, such as in-game assets on-chain, leveraged to safeguard players’ possessions and protect them from their rivals. Additionally, this blockchain technology adds an extra level of ownership and value to the entire gaming experience. 

Additionally, the game’s arsenal of features entails a modding toolset designed to empower both developers and players to add additional blockchain-based assets into the gaming ecosystem. The ultimate goal of this tool is to create more tournament plays and seasonal competitions within the ecosystem. 

Further showcasing its dedication to bolstering Web3 technology and opportunities, Neon Machine also recently announced eventually licensing its Web3 developer’s API platform, GameBridge.

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