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Maker’s Mark, the renowned Bourbon whiskey brand, is teaming up with Morehouse alumnus Harold H. Montgomery Jr. and Spelman alumna D’Angela Proctor to create a special bourbon edition dedicated to honoring HBCUs. This collaboration aims to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and legacy of these esteemed institutions.

According to a feature report by Elizabeth Ayoola of Essence, Proctor has crafted one-half of the private selection called “Undaunted 1881,” which embodies the depth and strength of HBCU culture. Her intention is to showcase the grace and tenacity of Spelman women, creating a bourbon that represents the essence of their spirit. Regarding the taste profile, this distinctive bourbon offers delightful notes of vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, and nutmeg, promising a truly indulgent experience.

On the other hand, Montgomery Jr. developed the second drink named “1867 The House Standard.” This exclusive bourbon pays homage to the illustrious history and high leadership standards that have been the foundation of Morehouse College for over 150 years. Inspired by Montgomery’s favorite cigar, this remarkable creation can be enjoyed alongside an old-fashioned cocktail, adding more sophistication to the drinking experience.

The Private Selection program, which is set to launch on Friday, October 27th, will offer a limited quantity of these exceptional bourbons. Those interested in acquiring a bottle can visit My Friends Bottle Shop in Atlanta, Georgia. Both bourbons are priced at $74.99,

Proctor & Montgomery Jr’s collaboration follows the partnership between Halleemah Nash, an alumna of Howard University, and Maker’s Mark last year. This collaboration marked the first time the bourbon brand partnered with an HBCU alumni.

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