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rewrite this title Israel Hamas ceasefire LIVE: Gaza truce ‘close’ – but ‘sticking point’ could undo peace | World | News

A ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas is now reportedly close, with officials on both sides of the conflict reportedly open to a brief fighting pause, but there is a “sticking point” in the decision.

Experts observing exchanges in the Middle East have warned that leading figures in the Israeli government and Hamas expect very different outcomes from their high-level talks.

Reporting from Israel, Dominic Waghorn, the international affairs editor for Sky News, said a “sticking point” would likely develop over the length of a prospective ceasefire.

He said: “Hamas is reported to want a five-day pause in fighting. Israelis are thought to be reluctant to give their enemy a break that long.”

Mr Waghorn explained that Israeli officials would likely feel “nervous” about letting up their Hamas campaign, with ceasefires potentially taking on “a momentum of their own”.

He added: “Israelis have repeatedly said recently they cannot ease their onslaught and need to take on Hamas in the south.”


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