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For the third game in a row, the New York Giants will be without Daniel Jones as their starting quarterback, as the team has ruled him out for Sunday’s matchup against the New York Jets.

Jones injured his neck during the Giants’ Week 5 loss to the Miami Dolphins, and the fifth-year quarterback hasn’t appeared in a game for New York since that contest.

When asked on Friday about when Jones might be back on the field this season, Giants head coach Brian Daboll didn’t have much to offer (via Ari Meirov on Twitter).

“I don’t have a crystal ball with injuries. He’s getting better, and we’ll see where he is next week,” Daboll said.

In place of Jones, veteran Tyrod Taylor has been filling in as New York’s starting quarterback.

With Taylor under center, the Giants were able to pick up their second win of the season last week when they defeated the Washington Commanders.

Taylor also nearly led New York to an upset over the Buffalo Bills in Week 6, but the Giants wound up suffering a heartbreaking five-point loss.

With Taylor in and Jones out, it does seem like things are running a little smoother on the offensive side of the ball for New York.

Perhaps that is why it hasn’t seemed like Daboll is in a rush to get Jones back on the field.

At the same time, Jones is dealing with a neck injury, and that’s not something to rush back from, especially with a young quarterback who makes his living getting hit by massive human beings multiple times per week.

If the Giants are able to get another win with Taylor under center this weekend, it will certainly be interesting to see who Daboll names as the starter when Jones is back and healthy.

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